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Smoke Alarm Installations

Smoke Detectors Lon Lockwood Electric Rochester NY

Smoke Detector Installation

Smoke detectors provide early warnings that may prevent fire fatalities

Once a fire starts inside your home, it can completely engulf your house in flames in less than 12 minutes. At Lon Lockwood Electric in Rochester, your safety is our first priority. We recommend that you install smoke and monoxide detectors at your home to keep your family fully protected from fire. A smoke and carbon monoxide detector gives an early warning to alert you when there is a dangerous situation so that you have enough time to get your family to safety.

At Lon Lockwood Electric, we have several types of smoke detectors to choose from to install in your home. Smoke detectors can prevent fire casualties to you family. We recommend hard wired smoke detectors that are interconnected with each other because they offer the best fire safety protection. For example, during a fire threat all the detectors in the house will go off simultaneously, alerting everyone in the house at the same time. These detectors come with batteries in case you have a power failure. We are home wiring experts, you don’t need to do this yourself.

According to yearly data, some 485 Americans lose their life to house fires and more than 2,305 get injured. Having a working smoke detector system properly installed by professional electricians will provide superior protection to you and your family. Don’t become a part of one of those staggering statistics. Call Lon Lockwood Electric today and ask for free consultation with an expert about smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. We provide the best smoke detectors installation service in Rochester, New York residential area.

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