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Upgrade Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel Lon Lockwood Electric Rochester NY

Once electricity is carried beyond your meter, it must be distributed to lights, receptacles, and appliances throughout the house by several different electrical circuits. The electric panel is the main distribution point for this electric current.  For the homeowner, the main electric panel is attached between the electric meter and the wall outlets in the home.  Inside that electric panel are located the circuit breakers or, in much older homes, fuses, that control the amount of electricity that flows through each wiring circuit that powers all the lighting and appliances in your home.

The probability is very high that the Electric Panel Box inside of your home is a builder’s grade aluminum based panel box.  What that means to you is that the copper wiring that goes from the Panel Box through the home is connected to aluminum wiring inside your panel box.  This is inherently an unsafe situation and can cause electrical arcing and fires.  If you have one of these builder’s grade boxes in your home, you are harboring a safety hazard.  It is essential that you have this panel box evaluated as soon as possible and, if found to be hazardous, have it changed for the more modern and much safer copper based panel box.

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