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Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting Lon Lockwood Electric Rochester NY

Interior Lighting Installation

Lighting does more to set the mood for a room than almost any other element, yet it is the most overlooked design feature in most home décor considerations. Hiring a professional to help you layout and design the proper lighting for a room or an entire house will help provide you with the answers to the important questions you need to consider before you proceed.

Questions such as:

  • What will be the lighting’s function?
  • Is or will there be anything else in the room that needs special lighting considerations?
  • Is the room for relaxing, entertaining, or completing tasks?
  • Do you need both permanent and movable lighting?
  • Do you need or want accent lighting?
  • Would having decorative lighting be important to you?
  • Do you need incandescent, LED, fluorescent or halogen lighting, and why?
  • Do you need overall lighting or do you need area lighting to go with your room design?

These are considerations that should be taken seriously. You can spend a considerable amount of money on electrical lighting fixtures and the input of a professional can save both dollars now and, potentially, years of regret afterwards when lighting was not designed and placed correctly.

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